Pauls Life Circle

Paul's Life Circle is a proud supporter of the Tuberous Sclerosis Clinic of Cincinnati Children's Hospital

We did it again! 2024 was our 5th straight year of over $20K in donations!

We donated another $21,000 in 2024 to the TSC thanks to you! As always, your donations directly support the care of TS patients and help to provide necessary medical equipment.

And here's a special note from Dr. Krueger of the TS Clinic:

Roger - With this donation, we were able to move forward with TSC Camp for Children and Adolescents this year. In this past year, we have also been able to use funds to help families travel to the Cincinnati TSC Clinic because there was not the same level of expertise where they lived and their child was doing poorly. Without the assistance to cover airfare and hotel they would have continued to suffer but they found us and now their seizures are being treated much more effectively.

We have also been able to use funds from Paulís Life Circle to ensure families are fed when they come from far away and have a full day of clinic appointments with multiple doctors and tests. It is a little thing but means a lot to parents and patients in what is oftentimes already a very stressful day.

In past years we have been able to this and more. We were able to get genetic testing done for a mother of a patient which allowed her to not need major kidney surgery. We have been able to help families get seizure monitoring devices to help with seizure detection during the night and other medical equipment not covered by insurance.

All of this would not be possible were it not for the generosity of you, your family, and friends of Paulís Life Circle. Thank you from all of us in the TSC Clinic and from the patients and families you've helped.

Dr. Darcy Krueger

Your donations matter

100% of all donations go directly to the TS Clinic for patient care, making Paul's Life Circle truly a charity worth giving to. We appreciate all of the support throughout our first years and want to grow and make PLC an organization worth everyone's consideration when looking at giving. To make a contribution for 2023, just click the Donate button or mail a check payable to Paul's Life Circle, LLC to 209 Eagleview Way, Cincinnati, OH 45215. All donations are tax deductible. Thank you.
Roger and Teresa Leist


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